The Battered Woman

We both came forth from this world as equals.


My name is SHE, I have known HE,

I have a life, but one with fear of HE.

I have left my enemy to define me and my fate,

for everything here has the picture of he on it.


HE says I am more beautiful with tattoos of painful

bruises carved by violent and repeated hits.

My experience of  foreplay are, whips, kicks and throws.

My tattoos increase when I differ, when I cry forBody_art,_1907

wanting lovemaking and not sex.


They are more when I am rightfully barren

 and worse when I am pregnant.

When I have tattoos on my face, only few ever see it,

The veil of silence masks it.


I know I do not want these tattoos,

but my tattoos are justified for nothing has been done to stop it.

SHE is blamed and HE is vindicated.

My only rescue is ssshhhh… msmagazine.comblog20100519abused-women-in-maryland-arent-lying




King Kalid Foundation-womens-abuse-english                                                                                 –Written by Adaobi Nkeokelonye (2004)

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