Am I colour-blind or is it a grey street?

Today, Billions of People are participating in the One Billion Rising Campaign. ‘One Billion Rising’ is a global campaign to end to violence against women, rise for justice and promote gender equality. RISE, RELEASE, and DANCE to demand justice and end impunity! Rebloging this post which I contributed in, I am showing support to end violence against women and girls worldwide.

Lives Some Live

Recently Afghanistan’s parliament legalised domestic violence and banned any aggrieved party from testifying against relatives. If this bill is signed by the president, it will legally sanction coercion and silencing the victim. Domestic abuse or ‘physically disciplining’ your partner is a world-wide reality and is not limited to one geographic region or area. Our friend from Lagos, Nigeria shares a fictionalised account of a real life story she witnessed. 


(Photo-Credit: Nominated in the Contemporary Issues category for World Photography Awards 2014, this is Sara Naomi Lewkowicz’s work on domestic abuse in Ohio)

Quickly I dug my fingers into the grooved sides of the dull silver tray trying to steady my trembling hands. The closer I got to the dinning, the more uncertain I became of the meal I prepared. On days like this, I shiver. His mood just swung again.

I glanced down at the patterned plates and bowl in…

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