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Welcome to Fiction and Development Blog!

This Blog serves as a platform to discuss and explore ideas that will contribute in advocating and creating awareness of different international development issues. It also serves as a springboard for the ‘Fiction and Development Column’ currently running in Nigeria’s Compass Newspaper. In line with what is featured in the column, it will explore possible linkages between different development issues and literary works of fictions from writers worldwide. We welcome the use of characters, scenes, themes and other components of  literary work to discuss issues of development concern.  We hope to engage short stories,novel, drama, amongst other forms of fiction to explore how international development issues can or has been presented knowledgeably in literary fiction.

There will be comparisons, discussions, assumptions and suggestions. 

Your Opinion is appreciated!


  1. I like this; it’s certainly different. One hardly sees a blog linking fiction to development issues. Much needed, I will be coming back.

  2. I will enjoy following your blog. The discussions are very thought provoking, and very refreshing. I appreciate your interest in my blog. Thanks for reading.

  3. :Femi Adedina

    Thanks for this. I am a writer of fiction too and my recent novel is an exploration of developmental themes with a different narrative trend-Death’s Laughter. Will like to send a copy to you to have your perception and comments if possible. How do I get it to you?

  4. Very much interested in gender issues. Currently working on one. Well find your works interesting. More power to your elbows. Ugo Moses

  5. Very creative idea. keep it up

  6. What an interesting blog. Certainly very unique. I’m very happy to have discovered it!

  7. Auwal Bashir

    Dear Fiction and development Blog,
    It is quite interesting coming in contact with you, and I feel I can also contribute more, and together we can do more in promoting literature culture and development
    Please is this blog limited only to fiction literatures, or it can also explore literatures writing on development interventions by local, national, and international organization?
    if possible we can make attempt to reconcile between passive academic literature on development world and the literatures writing based on practical and operational research based development interventions by multiple partners
    In this way our tertiary academic institutions can have a grasp of the realities in development efforts on ground while development partners been guided by research ethics and principles

  8. I just stumbled on this site while searching for images of women, children and war. Looking forward to visiting again.

  9. Please remove the photo of my child. No consent was given.

    • Dear Ember,
      Kindly accept my apologies. I had no intention of offending you or your son. I saw this as an online image and had also referenced it to the link it generates from. Thanks for sharing the background story. I have now taken it down. Once again, I apologise and wish you and your son the best.

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