AE-WordCloud-MaleCartoonCharacters-TV-Movie-WebSizeStill on the issue of Masculinities, I extended my thought on how fiction movies have shaped  or reinforced the choices we make on how we perceive and project our identities. This is very important as movies like books carry similar weight when it comes to their power of influence. I remember watching the Godfather which I never finished. Many of us watched the Gladiator, Rambo,  the good the bad and ugly and so many more movies that have glided through our screens at some point. The Cartons are no exception, from Cinderella to Pocahontas, the Wizard of Oz , Beauty and the Beast, Mulan amongst others, they kind of presented icons with identities we ought to adopt.  The picture of Superman, Aladin, Captain Planet and others are unforgettable. Like Colin Stokes, we may also ponder seriously on how much of identity is borrowed from all these characters.  It may not go without disagreements as this has been discussed in different quarters from a positive and negative perspective. Critics argue that art and story telling should not be blamed for people’s choices. While we continue as fans of many of these characters, Colin Stokes elaborates on how movies teach manhood here3322479736_1edf556409_o