Are you a lover of literature? Are you interested in issues of international development and social change? Have you read works of fiction that in some way depicts a particular issue within a social framework in your country, community or the world in general?  Your contributions will be of great value. Do drop a line or more to give us a brief of the name of the book and what issues we can link it to.

Thank You!

4 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. Many thanks for your valuable insights into fiction and development. Generally, fiction reading helps us to become more empathetic – a key to successful development practice.
    My wife and I were Peace Corps Volunteers in Brazil, later served seven years as community organizers for the Catholic Church land commission in the Amazon; I subsequently directed Catholic Relief Services in Brazil and a USAID program. I am also a literary writer, and some of our experiences are captured in short story collection, A Hero for the People, published by Press 53 (a highly respected literary press in North Carolina) – the book won the 2014 Catholic Arts & Letters Award. – also available for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle –
    Thanks again!


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